About Stop-Look-Go…

The first time it happened 20 years ago: I was in the middle of a basketball match on a Sunday morning, one of the visitors player stole the ball and run for a fast break; I run after him in my speed of the twenties,  reached him and jumped to block his shot. Sometimes the twenties bring speed, but not so much maturity, so I missed the ball and I got him fully. My right wrist cracked and I won 40 days of injury.

The second time is pretty recent: a few days ago.

After 13 years the events brought the team where I played as the captain to end its adventure; so, I looked for a new team, I found it and the moment of the first match arrived. Just one quarter and half and one of the visitors players was running fast in his twenties, I was playing a very good match, I wanted to demonstrate to myself that in my forties I could change team and go on still playing a good basket….and I was very committed to stop him and force him to get fouled. The impact was big, huge; I was pushed back very toughly and while falling down I remembered my past wrist crack. In those few milliseconds I was able to save just the right wrist; the left one was not so lucky.

Life is strange. And I think it enjoys to test you.

The morning I broke my wrist a friend of mine sent me the link to this TED talk: the essence is that to be happy you have to be grateful, and you can be grateful if you seize the opportunities life gives you in every moment of your life. The good news is that if you miss one, you will have another one, and another one and another one… In order to get them, you need to follow three basic steps: STOP, LOOK, GO.

Life today is so hectic that you are not able to stop……unless you are forced to….

This talk gave me the inspiration to look at the opportunity hidden behind my injury: it is really a matter of stopping for a while, reading the moment with different eyes and embrace the new opportunity


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