How to choose your cat

It was almost my turn: the speech had been very clear in my mind…until that moment! Suddenly, the words and the story itself disappeared completely from my head.

I was there trying to recollect every word, each by each, when a grey cat appeared from the dark corner: he started to move slowly between my feet and I started to get relaxed. My speech came back to my mind and in that very moment I decided that a cat would have joined my family….soon.

Several friends started then proposing one of their newborn little creatures: anyway, no one seemed to be the right one. One day we wanted a cat with a pedigree, another day an “Oliver Twist” cat, then a cat with long hair and after that one with short hair. In other words, a complete stream of consciousness….and no clear ideas at all.

Yesterday the doorbell rang: my neighbor asked me if I knew the owner of the cat that was wandering in the hall. “I don’t know, but I can bring him @home” I said smiling and thinking “What the !@#!’ !!!! He has chosen us!!”

Emma and Giulio are enthusiast!! Right now Giulio is watching a cartoon with the cat just on his knees…

DSC_5262 (2)

Now there is only one little issue: has this smart pet already an owner? We are going to ask around, but I honestly hope nobody will pop up….

Ah…..sorry…..I was so focused on the cat that I was forgetting one of the most important thing: she (yes, no appendix here ) is Scintilla. 



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