Kids Wisdom

For a couple of days we had @ home Scintilla, the cat. When we talked about the cat skills in hunting mice, Emma said: “Oh….we will have an issue then: how could the Tooth Fairy (in our case it happens to be just a mouse) come here and leave the coins???”

In XMas time, we all, the parents, would like the Santa Claus tale live as long as possible….but we have to face tough challenges. A few days ago, Emma came to us thoughtful, and asked: “Why Santa Claus doesn’t bring gifts to the poor kids?”. Very simple question…….

Giulio: “Daddy, I would like Santa Claus to bring me a bomb and a Golden sword”. Luca: “Dear, Santa doesn’t bring weapons”. Giulio stopped talking and you could hear his brain running… After a few minutes he said: “Daddy, last year Santa brought me two light sabers*. You see, He DOES bring weapons!!”.


* the light sabers were two as Santa knew that my dream was to make a Jedi fight with my son!!!


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