New Year – Day2: not a good start…

h.8.00: I’m going to my last, hopefully, medical consultation for the broken wrist. Walking in the early morning breeze makes me realize how the New Year is starting with many expectations and projects. The most immediate one is to get my left arm fully working as soon as possible.

h.10.30: I’m getting out from the hospital; the good news is that the bone is perfect and I can start the physiotherapy. Unfortunately there is also a bad news: the thumb tendon is probably broken and no one discovered it till today…. Do I remember when the day after my first visit at ER I went to the ER again reporting issue to the thumb and they said it was normal? Yes, I do… It seems you need a degree in anatomy if you get injuried, so that you can check everything by yourself….

h.11.30: I’m trying to find my optimism and my “Think Positive” attitude, but I can tell you they are very well hidden somewhere. A couple of hours ago I was seeing myself ready for my usual life in a short time, while now I cannot see the end. Now, after 40 mins in call, I’m still waiting to make a reservation for the MRI to my hand.

It’s better I come back to look for my optimism, otherwise pessimism will definitely win….


One thought on “New Year – Day2: not a good start…

  1. Lu, a Roma sarete i mejo, ma perché non chiedi un consulto a Savona dove il compianto prof. Mantero ha creato un’equipe di prim’ordine sulla mano? Se vuoi ti mando i numeri.
    Ps: chiedi i danni a chi non ti ha diagnosticato il tendine rotto, dai retta a uno scemo.
    In bocca al lupo

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