When you find yourself dressed up and ready to enter the operating room, you really need to trust the people around you: those guys with the mask over their mouths are going to cut you in order to fix it. The minimum doubt about them…could drive you crazy….

It was quick, just 30 mins: the most thrilling part of it was the beginning , when my thumb, that was supposed to be “sleeping”, was actually not completely asleep. In a few seconds, I heard the big guy on my right side saying “This is just to calm you down“. Oh MY…!!! Instantly the lights over me began to dance, a slow dance, an happy one. Yes, I can tell you that I was feeling well, probably not aware anymore that on my left side she was cutting my thumb in a “Z of Zorro” path… I cannot remember them, but they were good dreams (SandMan, you did a great job!).

When I woke up, I started hearing voices from very far away, they were discussing about the best way to sew it…and as they were getting nearer and nearer I realized that the it was me, but it was fine….I was still happy and my mind was starting to understand that the end of the surgical operation was very close.

Now, I am here with another hard blocking stuff in my arm: after more than 30 days of cast I still need around 60 days to get it up&running. (Lesson learned: human body is much more complex than we could even imagine….)

S., S. and B. t-h-a-n-k–Y-o-u–S-o–M-u-c-h   to have been, and still be, my trusted friends in this adventure: it is not finished yet, but I’m sure that with all your professional and empathic support it could end up in the best possible way.


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