Technology, Entertainment, Design


  • practical examples of thinking out of the box
  • dreaming peace in Middle East starting from business in startups between Israel and Palestine
  • a journey into art, economy, beauty, boxes starting from a tale on Santa Claus
  • an innovative and unbelievable sponge able to absorbe oil and to be waterproof at the same time
  • technology that allows blind people to be free to move everywhere; solution that can record tactile sensations
  • trees that become bio-sensors
  • four young guys talking about the importance of death in our life
  • One of the father of Internet (!!)
  • Use of the Polaroid to create  a really special mosaic portrait
  • A way to allow ALS affected people to communicate with the world using brain signals
  • an artistic project to trasform a piece of Tevere in a big installation
  • architecture that transforms errors into opportunities
  • the science of salt in the Pasta and the food as you never thought about it
  • one life changed to change many other lives
  • the joy of music

How to:

  • Just mix them together

For how long:

  • One day

Result: TEDxRoma

Flashing back to some time ago I could say that my friend told me it was addictive.

He was absolutely right.

You start from you watch talks after talks and you get inspired; you enjoy them; you start taking note of the best quotes; you really start feeling that you can change something, maybe not in the whole world, but at least in your life….couldn’t it be enough? But that’s another story, stay tuned…

My first TEDx was special: as a speaker it was an unforgettable experience.

Today I got my second TEDx, TEDxRoma, as an attendee: it is like being at home, but with an underlying “Force” that make your brain and heart run and run and run…


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