The strangest day of my life

This morning, at 740, I entered in the airport parking: it is one of the few parkings that has the Telepass (the Electronic toll collection system in Italy) payment enabled. Unfortunately, my Telepass device had no more battery from July….: I was very surprised when the parking system recognized it and made me enter automatically..

I was in perfect time, like my flight: it was due at 9, the boarding was scheduled at 825 and I got to the airport at 745.

I sent a text message to my colleague F. and started waiting for him.

Suddenly I realized that yesterday I went to a customer and I gave my ID in order to receive the entrance badge: at the exit, I got my ID back and put it in my jacket…..that was at home in the wardrobe! Immediately I started looking for my wallet and where the ID usually was…there was nothing, it was very empty, too empty!!!

“F. we have a problem” I told F. at the phone: we decided that a run at home was worthwhile, mainly because it was the only option.

I run then to car; my computer bag seemed to be full of bricks (there were 3 tablets and 1 laptop in it indeed!), I drove pretty fast to the exit of the parking and……of course it didn’t recognize my telepass. How could it have worked a few minutes before when I entered !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! It was not time for paranoid theories and I pushed the button for the operator: he had absolutely no hurry in responding to me and, with the same calm, he worked on my issue. After a time that was infinite for me, he opened and I could drive away.

I can’t tell you how many speed limits I exceeded, but the clock was running even faster and I didn’t want to be slower than it. I called Susy and asked her to come back home and take my ID. My traffic app was showing me that GRA was pretty free, but I knew that the Aurelia would have been the big issue: and so it was, STUCK!!! Susy and I decided to get an alternative path and meet there: like spy movies, our two cars approached and I took my ID through the window in a fast movement, then I U turned and made my run to the airport.

In the meanwhile, F. was trying to slow down the boarding process: when I phoned him he told me we had time till 845: that meant I had 15 minutes to arrive in front of the check in desk.


But, again, running was the only option.

Will my company pay for all the fees? We will see….

The traffic in the GRA was starting to be critical, but you know, I had watched Sochi Winter Olympic Games and I was familiar with slalom….

This time when I entered the parking it didn’t recognize my Telepass, so I pushed for my ticket, waited for it and run to find a free parking lot.

I found it.

5 minutes to the deadline.

F. called me: he was trying to do his best, but they wanted to close the boarding procedure.

I run faster.

The bag was so heavy.

Too heavy: it broke, so I couldn’t bring it as a backpack anymore, but I had to take it with my hand. Good training for my hand and thumb….

People at security check were very kind: I could run in the first position. I had to take out the 3 tablets and the laptop. I had to put my jacket and my coat in the container, as well as my phone.

The security guy asked for the boarding pass: “yes, I have it in my phone, I can show it to you after the control” – “No, I need it now”.

So, I got my phone, that in the meanwhile went under the jacket that went under the coat. The boarding file was an attachment in an email I got yesterday: where was the email????? Why people write so many emails!?!?!!? Ok, finally I found it. He calmly zoomed it to be able to carefully sift through all the details….

F. called me again: no, I couldn’t get the call, I had to go through the security screening.

It rang!

“The belt” she said.

Let’s take out the belt!!!

It rang again.

“Maybe you touched the frame”.

In and out. But it still rang.

“Maybe it is the watch”

Take it out as well!

It was fine.

I wore my jacket, put the 3 tablets and the laptop in the bag (in some way), took the belt, the watch, the earphone with one hand and the phone with the other. While running, I called back F.: I was almost there, they couldn’t leave me at the airport!!!!!!!!!

I succeeded in the very last second: I was already really tired at 845 in the morning and, honestly, not too happy.

The business visit was pretty good, the environment friendly and the presentation successful.

But I still was not happy: yes, I was scared.

That feeling left me only when I put my feet in the airport after the return flight, at 2015.

It was the nightmare I did 2 nights ago that scared me so much.

This morning I kissed my 3 loved at home and a part of my mind really thought that they could be my last kisses.

Sometimes when you have a nightmare, it seems a really frightening one in the middle of the night, but when you wake up in the morning all the evil in it disappears and you think: how stupid I was tonight…

But it was different.

I met my Grandpa: he died almost one year ago, but all the details were so clear, vivid and precise that he seemed real. He told me that I had not to take the airplane, it would have fallen down.

Few words. Message clear.

Before I could try to ask him anything about it, my phone rang in the middle of the night and woke me up: it was time for my neighbors to deliver the baby and we had to take care of their elder daughter.

I said to Susy: “Fuck!! My Grandpa told me not to take the airplane….and I have to fly in a couple of days!” She said: “Fuck”.

Simple. Scaring.

I decided to fall asleep again and to continue the dream: sometimes it works; in that way I could talk to my Grandpa again and go on with the discussion.

This time it didn’t work.

And for 2 days I was scared about these flights.

Then the morning came, my ID was at home and, of course, my mind started thinking that someone was trying to keep me away from those flights. For a few seconds I didn’t call F. and I didn’t try to stop him from boarding: for those few seconds we both jumped into the MD80.

My Grandpa loved laughing and jokes.

My Grandpa also loved me and I loved him: maybe what happened between 745 and 845 this morning made my flight take off with a few minutes delay.

Sliding doors.

Thanks so much.


One thought on “The strangest day of my life

  1. You are right dear, grandpa loved you! If that was him you can be sure: you would have lost that plane! 😉

    And next time I will tell you how super Susy managed to take two kids to school (one dressed like batman), take back the ID at home, slalom drive in via Boccea, park the car and be at work almost in time! 🙂

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