Life – That Crazy Puzzle

We did it.

It seemed a faraway goal, almost an impossible one, but we did it.

We have been thinking about it for years, we have done several attempts in the past, but with no success.

Now I am convinced more than ever that life is like a puzzle: you have in front of you all the pieces, scrambled in the most difficult way and you fight to find the one that matches with that you are holding in your hand.

You can spend a lot of time to find the right piece; then, suddenly, you find it and all the others come along, one by one, quickly. At that point, you can see the image your puzzle represents building up, with all the details appearing in all their beauty.

I feel exactly this kind of sensation when I think about our moving: we have been looking for the right piece for years and suddenly, in November last year we picked up the right one. This piece led to a dinner, which led to the Xmas holidays in CPH, then to the exploration of the Jutland, which led to the decision to move to Skanderborg and all the 3 families to make this crazy thing all together. In just 8 months, our lives deeply changed: the puzzle is still far to be finished, but, as the famous quote says, “Life is a journey, not a destination”. We are actually in the journey: the funny thing is that we don’t even know how far we are in the journey itself…

I had also a big confirmation: you really need a lot, believe me… A LOT, of passion to achieve your desired goal. Without that, you’ll give up sooner or later. No way.

There are so many hindrances in your path that you must want it completely.

And in some circumstances you need to look at it from different angles, trying to figure out the right way, in that specific moment and place, instead of the perfect one. If you go on waiting for the perfect one….




wait for the next life

I recently attended a course and it gave me a very good lesson, not just for my job, but also for my life: stop thinking – start doing. If you think (read plan) too much about all the details, you risk to lose the main objective and probably you will miss it. If you start doing it, you’ve already started and you are actually doing a step towards your goal.

This is even more true when you enter your new home abroad and you have in front of you a room full (and it’s really full!) of packed boxes coming from your old home. It is crazy. It is also frustrating because you cannot find your preferred shirt that you really want to wear RIGHT NOW. But when you open a box and you don’t find that shirt, you find instead the stereo, then the radio starts playing and the new house starts to become your home.

Living in a house full of half-unpacked boxes is possible: you could also enjoy it if you are in the right mood. The treasure hunting never ends in a house like this.

So, the journey started and a new chapter just began. It’s great, it’s fascinating, it’s the #mollotutto time, it’s the #WTF_I_did time (sometimes…yes it happens 🙂 ), it’s the #thinkingoutofthebox time, it’s the #Imissmyparentsandsistermorethanever time, it’s the #Iwanttolearnthenewhabitshere time, it’s the #Reallyimaginyournextstepincareer time.

In other words, it’s the time to fully live our life.


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