Just that kind of bricks

When my friend D. told me about it I was fascinated: I couldn’t believe that one of my preferred childhood game, and one of the worldwide most famous toy, had become actually a powerful method to work with.

I can see this same reaction and feeling in the eyes of the people I tell this story to. The main difference is that they often cannot move to the next step, they cannot switch from the mere game to the powerful method perspective.

Their mind keeps them stuck to the LEGO word: at that point I usually repeat

“This is not just about LEGO bricks, but it is

LEGO   S-E-R-I-O-U-S    P-L-A-Y !” (LSP)

It means, you can PLAY a SERIOUS game with LEGO.

To do that, you need a person who guides you in the serious game: this person has the role of Facilitator.

This stuff excited and fascinated me so much that I decided I had to get the facilitator certification: I invested then on myself, in terms of time and money, and I flew to the LEGO Country to attend the training course. I wanted to do that in Denmark because the bricks are from (t)here, the LSP method and the founders are from (t)here and, last but not least, because I was going to move (t)here.

So I went here in May.

The training course was amazing: as an attendee I was split in two, one with the trainee hat and one with the LSP workshop participant hat.

In 4 days I learned many things but, even more important, I met people from all around the world: everybody had his own specific experience, attitude, mindset, background, personality, culture. We were all different, but when building models with the bricks we were all equal and we opened our mind (and our heart as well, in some cases) with the same goal: respond to the facilitator question by building a LEGO model and share our story. This is the core process of LSP and it really works.


As it often happens when you think something has already fascinated you at its most, the second time you get even more energy than the first one. This happened two weeks ago, when I attended the LSP Community Meeting in Billund.

We were roughly 100 people, all certified as LSP facilitators, from around the Globe: there were some newbies like me and also many veterans.

Even if at my first participation, I wanted to be an active attendee, so I proposed to hold a keynote and it was approved: I shared my idea on a new way to sell the LSP method. It went very well and I enjoyed so much! Among the 100 people I was then the one who did the sales presentation with the 3d LEGO model in the cloud and the great video at the end (thanks my friend S.!!).

I was also the crazy guy who moved from Rome to Skanderborg…. But I had a good story to tell about that as well 🙂

In a meeting like that you learn a lot of things.

First, you come to know that the LSP method can be used to help people: it is very effective in bad situations like family issues or children abuses, where “standard” methods are not able to bring those bad facts out of the innermost side of the people, especially with children. With the LEGO bricks, you can instead lead people to put some details in the models they build, from which you can start to understand the story behind.

LSP can also help you better understand your family: how many times, for instance, you have had the following short chat with your kids? It happens to me almost every day…

“Dear, how was the school today?”

“Great, Daddy!”

“So, what did you do?”

“Nothing, Daddy!”

And you could go on for hours without getting any details about the day….

Well, I bought the LSP Starter Kits (a special set of bricks used to apply the LSP method) for my kids: I am sure I will be able to get some info about their school activities and, more in general, about their real feelings on many things. At that time, I will have one more reason to be happy for having become part of this fantastic world.

Second, you come to know many people, from different countries and from really diverse backgrounds. In the special bubble I’ve been working in since the 2000 I’ve spent most of my time in talking to IT people: very interesting discussions, but always about technology. In those 2 days I had the opportunity to meet many people who, starting from the only thing we had in common, the LSP, or from the presentation I did, really allowed me to expand my horizons. To breathe fresh new air. To have a glance at the world outside the Big Companies. And appreciate it. To get the essence of what creativity means. To see the joyful way people do their job. To feel my brain active.

Last, but not least, all these folks confirmed that LSP is a sustainable business: use your creativity, enjoy it and make it your job. It seems trivial, but it is an important confirmation…

Oh….I was just forgetting another fundamental point of the conference: we were allowed to get access, for a very limited time, to the LEGO Company Store. You could recognize people coming from this special trip not from their big bags full of LEGO boxes, but from the huge smiles in their faces!!! Everybody had the same amazed expression of a child who woke up in the middle of the Xmas night, got down to his Xmas tree and… met Santa Claus in person!

Yes, with my very big bag I was one of them and my face was exactly that one!


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