A call

The phone rang when I was driving.

It was not the usual ring, but it was different: it was a Skype call.

My eyes quickly moved to the phone and when I read the caller name I almost stopped breathing.

But let’s step back for a while….precisely 32 years.

When it comes to my childhood memories, I’m not that kind of guy who can tell you all the names of his school mates from the nursery to the university or all the details about that day at the park.

No, definitely I am not.

But, among a few other things, I can remember the desk in my parents’ room; and, most of all, the big PC that was on it. It was the 1982, laptops were pretty far from the mind of everyone and tablets even farther. It was the Commodore PET; it was the era of the old way of the interaction between the technology and the humans: big black keys and a deep CRT monitor with its green blinking stuff inside. I clearly remember all the excitement that as an 11 years old kid I had in front of that alien. I spent several hours trying to learn as much as possible about the way it worked (thanks Daddy!!) and playing at that game with the acrobats jumping from one part to the other, surviving thanks to the fingers speed on left and right cursors (my cousin, do you remember it??).


Of course, at that time the world was disconnected.

Now we are living in a big house and E. and G. have a desk each. They were supposed to be for the homeworks: they actually are doing their homeworks everywhere in the house, except in their desks.

Things are running fast in the international school and my 2 kids needed a PC.

Ok…it’s not just only a matter of school needs… and kids follow what adults do: so, they understood that electronic devices could be used to study, to work, to play, to search and find stuff, to develop creativity.

I reinstalled and configured then two of my tablets; I associated each tablet to each of E. and G. accounts: they could logon, see their picture in the account icon and enjoy the new technology.

I placed then the 2 PCs on their desks.

I can tell you that what I saw in their eyes, when standing in front of their PC, was just that kind of excitement I clearly remember in myself 32 years ago. You could also feel the passion when E. teaches G. how to insert pictures in a document copying them from an internet browser (!!!).


They were immediately aware of the fact that they were connected.

They understood the power of that. Well, probably they didn’t get it fully and that’s why they need a kind of control.

But surely, they had very clear in their minds that they can use it to overcome some difficulties they are experiencing. First of all, the distance we are forced to in these days.

So, what I saw in my phone a few days ago was this:




When your 5 years old son autonomously decides to call you on Skype… it really takes a while to get it.

Another barrier is broken down now.

Kids, have a wonderful journey in the new digital era.


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