Six lines

They were just six lines.

When I started it was different.

Today it is more “readable”: it’s simpler, it’s more visual.

The difference is something like having to build some stuff and getting two types of instructions: a full text page without any picture and a step-by-step guide full of pictures.

Six lines, one line per each string of the guitar and the number on it indicating the fret you have to push


instead of five lines and four spaces with those little mysterious balls called notes


Much easier…

This is the way E. and G. study music. They started a few weeks ago: when we asked them which instrument they wanted to play, both answered without any doubt “Guitar!”. Have my electric and my acoustic guitars, which travelled from La Spezia to Rome and then from Rome to Skanderborg, played a pivotal role in this decision? Maybe…. 🙂

So the lessons began and E. and G. started practicing at home with my guitar: it was so big for them that they were not able to hold it in the right way. They found a workaround and they played it horizontally……like a piano….

At that point, we decided it was time to buy two guitars with the right size for them.

Everything changed.

We practiced together, one in front of the other, like a mirror: it was easier to show them the right position of the fingers, the left thumb vertically placed behind the neck, the other fingers very widely open in order to cover the first four frets, ready to push the strings and play a note or a chord.


In this way I started to play the guitar again: the flame of the musician hidden inside me (a very small flame indeed…) got a sparkle and switched on again.

But it was not enough: the songs my kids were studying were a kind of unknown music to me…. So I needed something that could blow more oxygen on the flame.

It arrived.

Social networks.

I have to admit that since some months the radio had been playing a song that really was touching some emotional neurons in my brain…or, in a more romantic vision of the life, some deep part of my belly. But I was not able to finalise the connection between that song and the emotion that arouse from it.

Then, one day, in my new guitar era, one of our friend posted a song she sang in the chorus:

The title, a quick search and…. here we go! The fog disappeared and the melody was immediately associated to the movie which it had been the soundtrack of.

It was Donnie Darko*: I watched it again and the dark atmosphere still conveyed me some kind of special feelings

If it is due to the parallel universes or to the story itself or to something else….I have never known. But what I know now is that…

…from that moment I started to search the web for the notes of this song and to get satisfaction again in learning how to play it (more songs followed)

…from that moment almost every night E. and G. ask for the guitar to fall asleep: no more fairy tales, just notes from the guitar

…from that moment, the bed time is more magic.


*:(if you haven’t watched it yet, THIS VIDEO IS THE ENDING SCENE….)


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