Every year, as Christmas approaches, social networks and people mouths get full of messages like “I look forward to the end of the holidays” and “I am fed up with all these last minute buying of the gifts” and so forth.

In 2013 we were living in Italy and we spent our Christmas Holidays in Denmark.

It could seem an escape, in line with all the messages against this period of the year.

It was actually a preparation. As an additional demonstration of it, now we are living in Denmark and we have just spent our Christmas Holidays in Italy 🙂

It’s only six months we are living abroad (I am still in a hybrid situation indeed…), but we fully experienced the expat-life-of-the-expat-who-comes-back-for-his-holidays.

I understood that this experience could be tough, sometimes frustrating, busy, tiring, exhausting. However, I do believe we just got the best of it.

When living in Rome, we were overwhelmed by all the things we had to do in the ordinary life; and everything was even more difficult due the hectic life in Rome.

Don’t get me wrong: I love Rome. I decided to move to Rome fifteen years ago and I still think it’s a great and beautiful city. Nevertheless, after all these years spent in the city that in the past was able to expand to almost all the known lands, I think it’s great and beautiful… when lived as a tourist.

That’s what we, and mainly our kids, did during these holidays.

But there is something more.

When coming back from abroad, your parents and closer relatives can’t wait to spend time with you – and you can’t wait to spend time with them: everything else has a lower priority.

So, it happens that you spend so good and intense moments with them: probably the best ever.

There are no other things to do than staying together: playing, celebrating, drinking Champagne, eating good food, cooking together, singing, planning future visits and vacations or just talking and relaxing.

Well, we did most of these things also in the past, so what is the difference?

We concentrated all of them in a few days, with our minds just focused on them.

With a huge Intensity.

I tried to sift through my memories to find any other time spent in this way and I didn’t find any.

They have been special.

One of the best Christmas Time.

One of the best New Year’s Day.

Then the day we had to leave came: it was not easy to explain kids that we would have met all of our parents, relatives and friends very soon. Not easy at all.

But the positivity of the moments spent together really pushed my minds into a positive direction.

Yes, my 2015 started well.

Living more intense moments entered in the List of my New Year’s Resolutions.


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