A Little White Adventure

The road sign is pretty clear there:


And my wife was clear as well: “a few days ago the road was frozen and the car skidded in that turn” she said.

That’s why I was driving very slow and very carefully: it had been snowing a lot during the night and everything was white outside the house that morning.

E. was sick at home, so we were just the two “men” of the family. We dressed up in line with the cold wind coming from outside and we got in the car.

The main street was enough clear, but the small road crossing the very countryside was much whiter. Fully covered by snow, I would say…


So we turned into it and I drove very slowly. I was waiting for that turn.

Suddenly, in the middle of the snowy wind it appeared. My speed was really slow: I turned the steering wheel to the left and in just one second everything happened: the car skidded and we found ourselves leaning off the road, closer to the frozen vegetable field than to the center of the road.

I told G. to keep calm, that everything was right and I tried to accelerate: the car leaned even more.

I got off the car to see how dangerous was it and to check a possible way out.

We were at the limit of the leaning capabilities of our car: I tried then to fill up the holes close to the forward wheels and got on the car again. I pushed the accelerator to move the car a little bit forward, but it leaned more and more.

In the meanwhile I was trying to convey a peaceful calm to G. I succeeded as he was really good, just asking why I was getting off and on the car many times.

If the car could not go forward maybe it could go backward, I thought: I shifted into reverse, quickly and rapidly pushed the gas pedal and it worked a little bit. After that, the car stuck again in the muddy snow.

I did several attempts, but they were not successful.

In the meanwhile I was thinking about the way to communicate the school that G. could not go to school that morning as his newbie-Italian-father-in-his-first-Danish-winter was not able to properly drive in a small country road……

Maybe the ego, maybe the creativity in those frozen moments, I decided to make the last attempt: to allow the rear wheels to grip more the muddy ground, I got the anti-frozen fluid usually thought for the car window: I sprayed it on the wheels and even more on the ground behind them. With that, and leaving on the ground a quite amount of clutch, the car moved back to the center of the road!!!

I couldn’t stop a yell coming from the most inner part of myself: with many high fives with G. we got to school in time.

The teachers are still wondering why that morning G. and I had two huge dreaming smiles in our faces…


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