44 is a happy number*, as its associated sequence is:


It ends up with 1 and today has been a unique day.
I did many things: I got my kids and my loved one phone call in the early morning; I met the butcher, whose car was just parked behind mine and I was not able to go away; I met new people, who were involved in social works and I borrowed them a piece of glass to make the disabled people, they were supporting, see the eclipse; I kept in touch with a smiling sun;


I had a beautiful lunch with fantastic friends (thank you all guys!);


I wrote the post for today, that is not this one, but could be published only later on (stay tuned, you will get the reason then); I met myself, in a sunny special Villa Pamphili; I told people that we would have met again, for sure…and I got some future fuzzy appointments; I bought Italian food for the Italian family in the Nordic country; I wrapped up my stuff for the trip of tomorrow; I had a wonderful dinner with my parents in law (thank you for the cake!); I saw a bottle of Champagne turning empty in very short time (strictly related to the strange phenomenon of a birthday cake disappearing in front of me);


I thought a lot about my future; I have been told twice that at 44 I am still young (it is a little bit scaring that someone needs to underline it, isn’t it?!?!?!).
I also heard my smartphone notifications throughout the whole day: they were you and your birthday’s wishes.

Thank you all for having contributed to make my 44 an even happier number!!!







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