“We are going to release one of the best OS ever….and you are going to sell it in this role”

They sold me my new job in this way: to be honest, in those days I had Windows XP on my PC and my thought was “it’s working well” (aaaarghhhhhhh!!!!).

At that time I had also a great job that I loved so much, but Microsoft was the best company everybody wanted to work for, if in the IT market: and I was among them.

I accepted.

Since the first day I installed the Beta version of Windows (yes….it was Vista….the real best OS ever…. 🙂 ).

Since the first day I understood that selling it would have been tough.

But I did it and it was a key learning experience….

Since then, my devices have been enjoying, struggling with, winning, sometimes losing, co-living with all the kind of Alphas and Betas.







They have been Nine years of constant learning, studying, selling, facing new challenges.

It has been also a period of great friendship, of networking with colleagues around the world, of the biggest steaks (ok…sessions as well…) in Seattle, of the funniest characters at Neighbours, of crazy meetings with customers.

These Nine years changed my expectations about my job and my life: the flame of getting a new experience abroad started to burn up here.

The first unforgettable experience of a speech in front of a large audience was here as well.

And then came the others, in different countries and contexts, but as exciting and unforgettable as the first one.

Now it’s time to move on.

I accept.

The next chapter has just started and I look forward to meeting the most of you around the small world of IT, which has no geographical boundaries.

I am sure we will have new exciting stories to exchange…


10 thoughts on “C U

  1. Dear Luca,
    it was really a pleasure and an honor working with you and having fun together sometimes. As you said, this IT world is quite small and therefore our paths will cross again in the future for sure…

    In the meanwhile, good luck! 🙂

  2. Vista in Poste Italiane…. Unforgettable Experience!😁😁😁

    Un abbraccio e in bocca al lupo!!

    See ya soon


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