20.03.2015 – Total Eclipse

[This is the actual post for the 20.03.2015, but due to some policy issues I had to wait to publish it…]

It’s simply a magic day.

In the last twenty-four hours many things happened.

The Daddy day: the first one far away from the two small creatures who transformed me into Daddy.

Far away also from who decided to spend her life with me and to whom I today say: “yes, now it is really the beginning of our new life”!

Yes, the new life: because yesterday evening I took one of the toughest decision in my life; I am sure, really sure, that it is the right one. But it was tough, believe me.

And then, this morning, the magic of a total eclipse: I am right here, in the Gianicolo, the eclipse is reaching its max and the sun seems smiling. It is a beautiful smile! …that is trying to make me smile notwithstanding a thin layer of a kind of sadness.


When a chapter of your life closes there is always a cocktail of happiness and sadness.

I am super-super happy for several reasons, starting from the fact that I will not have to answer my kids question anymore: “Daddy, why you have to go to Rome again?”

I am sad anyway for a few reasons: I will miss the friends I’ve found in all these years, the friendly atmosphere in the office, outside the office (thank you all for the great lunch today!!), the joyful laughs we switched on in each other….

As someone said “life is a puzzle” (ah, it was me 🙂 ): I believe in it even more today and these twenty-four hours are the small piece we were still missing, that was hidden in a small corner. Now it is in my hands, I can fit it into my puzzle and start looking for the next one.

It will be easier now.

In the meanwhile, I turned 44, but in all this magic it is just the usual rabbit jumping out the hat…


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