A few differences

After one year spent in this Nordic Land and after one month in my new job here, it is time to write down a first list of small (sometimes not so small) things that make daily life different:

  • Getting to the office at 7.30 AM and feeling like on Sunday morning in S. Peter in Rome: the whole world is here!
  • Coffee Break!!! ….and going to the kitchen to press the Kaffe button (Giuseppeeeeee!!! Missing you!!!)….
  • It’s your first day in the new job and your manager welcomes you with a bunch of flowers


  • Having the first meeting of the day at 8.30: in person, not LiveMeeting from the bed….
  • When a meeting is scheduled to start at xx o’clock, everybody is in the room at xx-2mins and the meeting will really start at 8.30
  • Entering the office and finding baskets full of all kinds of fruit
  • 11.30: lunchtime!!!!
  • Being focused on editing your document and suddenly noticing that everybody is leaving: sure, it is 3.30 PM and it is time to go home!!
  • When a meeting is scheduled to end at yy o’clock, the organizer stops the discussion (whatever it is and whoever is attending the meeting) at yy-5mins, saying: “We have to close in 5 mins and it is time to wrap up”. The meeting will really end at yy o’clock….
  • Need a BBQ? Just dig a hole in the garden, put some wood trunks in it and fire up (a beer can help the process…)

WP_20150607_010 (2)

  • Attending the Danish language classroom for the first lesson and feeling like a baby at the nursery: what the f@#! they are speaking about!!!!!!!!!
  • Having dinner at the restaurant of the hotel and being told “Sorry, but the restaurant is closing: you could go to the bar downstairs and have some beers; just get them from the fridge and write your name and room number in the paper”
  • Attending a meeting where the presenter, in the middle of the presentation, takes off his shoes
  • Being part of the Running Club and meeting every Friday at 8 AM at the Office to run 5 Km: it has been agreed with the company that it will be considered working time…
  • “Daddy?!?! Come on, let’s play soccer!!!”…and just going out to the garden and playing

WP_20150605_017 (2)

  • Wandering in the office after lunch and discovering a room with: tennis table, pinball (very old style!), massage chair, biliardino (table soccer), and much more…
  • Sipping a cocktail together with another family in a pub and letting the kids play outside, much beyond sight distance
  • Need some wood for the BBQ? Just go into the hood with a saw and grab some
  • Importing YOUR car to Denmark and leaving your wife going to the office for the new license plate: funny to discover that she could not register the car to you because you were not there, but she could effortlessly register YOUR car to HER. The full process ends up with a new Danish license plate and you owning no car anymore….

WP_20150611_001 (2)



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