A Viral Q

I usually glide very quickly over the many social-viral-questions that spread out in the social media.


But today…TGIF!!!! So I went out the office earlier than usual, that is much earlier than in my previous job and country.

When I got home the sun was high in a perfect blue sky: everything was there for my run!

I dressed up with my yellow running stuff, negotiate the final price with the lawnmower (a tough, but successful job!!) and then I started to run: the goal was to get as close to the lake Mossøgard as possible, never reached in all my previous attempts…

Let's run!!

I was actually very much motivated as yesterday I got an invitation for this morning: it was written in Danish and unfortunately G. translator didn’t work very well, so I understood it was a kind of office celebration, but I didn’t get the whole meaning. This morning then, at 10 sharp (sharp, any doubt about it?!?! 🙂 ) I went at the meeting point and in front of me there was a typical birthday office-party celebration: all kinds of delicious bread, jam, butter, cheese, thin chocolate stripes, chocolate cakes and other local cakes. Beautiful! Excellent! Goooood! It turned out that butter, cheese and jam can be put together in this order on a piece of bread…. And that you can easily go from chocolate cake to bread and cheese, to bread-butter-chocolate and to bread-butter-cheese again. It’s easy. It’s good. Then, for the Italian guy, having lunch at 11.30 was a Mission Impossible…..

Anyway, all the calories got in the morning were a very good push towards my run. A good motivation, you could say.

U2 songs went vibrating in my ears, one by one.

Almost the entire album had played when I saw the lake, very close: for sure, the closest point I ever reached by running.

It was time to get back: 5km took me there and the same distance was separating me from home…

The bad news was that the path to the lake was “down”, so the “up” part was in front of me.

“Heaven on Earth
We need it now..”

was singing Bono when I turned back: to tell the truth, I couldn’t see much heaven in the uphill waiting for me….

But I did it.

I passed by all the places that 30 mins before I went through in the opposite direction.

The last KMs were not easy: but Amanda Seyfried took over Bono in the right moment and pushed me towards the Last Mile (metaphore and real thing at the same time).

During the last KM, while “You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life” was flowing light and powerful as only this song can be, I thought that it was probably time to answer to one of the viral questions popping up in the social networks:

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Strange that, despite of the lack of oxygen, my brain could go on thinking to something different than a bed and a big bottle of cold bee…ops…water. But it did. And the answer was:


Together with it a list of things I recently did for the first time came up.

  • I moved abroad.
  • I resigned from one of the biggest Company in the world.
  • I drove more than 2000 KM alone, from Rome to Skanderborg, with a car full of stuff: the real migrant…
  • I got a job in one of the biggest Danish companies, where English is the official language, but all around me people, if not in a meeting with me :), speak a language still far away from my comprehension.
  • So, at fireogfyrre år, I started a language classroom.
  • …and today, of course, for the first time I’ve run for 10 KM!

wp_ss_20150620_0001 wp_ss_20150620_0002

Proud….and….Mamma Mia how tired I am……………..


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