So I started my life as a commuter: the first issue I had to solve was “How can I stay awake for more than one hour in this boring highways?” The first answer I gave to myself was: “Podcasts”.

With a very last minute download after breakfast (always running late in the morning…) I searched for some proper podcasts and saved them to my phone.

Ready with my kit


I connected the phone to the car audio system and played the first podcast: the speaker talked about his decision making process; what interested me was not his story about it, but the etymology of the word decision… It turns out that it comes from the Latin word de-cidere, which means “to cut off“.

It definitely makes sense: when you make a decision, you cut off the alternative options.

It’s like being at a crossroads and getting left rather than right: you cut off the path to your right. Maybe it would have brought you to the same place through different paths…. maybe not…. most likely and in most cases you’ll never know that.

So I spent the rest of my commute to think about my decisions: there are some that have not influenced my life at all and there are other ones that changed the course of it significantly or that led me to some special moments.

Our decision making process is often based not on the rational part, but on the emotional one: in other words, we make decisions relying on where our creative, emotional and passionate part brings us.

It is exactly what I did in 1999, when I had to choose between a stable and long-term job (at that time it could really be long term…) and a stage that could have brought (but nobody could assure that) to a possible hiring.

Of course I chose the second one.

A few years later, in one of the great saturdays Rome allow you to enjoy, I could have done thousands of different things or joining my roommate, who was hosting a friend who was joining, for the evening, her girlfriend who was hosted by a girl. I chose the second one and that girl became my wife.

In 2006 I had a fantastic job: I was working in the EU and I was travelling around Europe; when one of the biggest IT Company in the world called, I had to choose between the fantastic job or a somehow unkown job, but in the fantastic company. Another important decision to make….and I joined Microsoft, where I worked for 9 years.

Two years later we had our Honey Moon: when you plan your honey moon, in most cases you can take that ball called Earth and choose any place to go celebrating. We chose S. Domingo and a Caribbean Cruise. One of the stop of the cruise was Virgin Island: a beautiful island that lighted up the spark of the project FindANewHomeAbroad.

The planning phase was pretty long: the target of the project changed many times. In 2013 it was completely managed and all the pieces got to the right place. So, in the end of that year and in the begining of the following one a big decision was waiting for us: living the usual life or leaving the usual life and moving to DK, without any job waiting for us there.

We left.

One day in the end of 2013 another decision, that seemed to be one of those hundreds small decisions you make many times a day, was there, waiting for me: my friends wanted me to go and play soccer and my basketball team wanted me to be in the first match of the championship. I went there: I spent then the following months between cast, surgery and physiotherapy, but I met great people, had a lot of time to spend every day with my family and started this blog.

The last important decision I took is really recent: so I finally started working in DK.

The visual decision diagram below shows the essence of de-cidere: yes…I cut off many things.

Do I care about all these red cuts? One day, not so far in the past, my father told me:

“Whichever decision you take, the important thing is that you will have no regret about it”.

I don’t have any…


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