Let’s start (again)

While every kid in Italy is or is going to be on vacation, here in Denmark kids had the last weekend before the start of a new school year.

Sunday, at dinner

WP_20150809_007 (2)

E. “Daddy, I don’t want to change school, I am bored

Even if I could read in her smart eyes where she wanted to bring me to, I replied:

Honey, people get bored when they always do the same things, while you are changing your school

That’s why Daddy, I always change school!

Honey, have you seen what a beautiful dinner outside we have today?!

For E. & G. it was a real NEW start: new city, new home, new school, new teachers, new environment, new school-friends, new rules, new stuff… in other words #TheNewEverything.

We got many emails and documents from the school about the first day: what we needed to bring, the timetable and many other practical info.

So, Monday morning the wake up alarm rang at 6:30: after the summer holidays waking up the kids was a kind of Mission Impossible; the good Danish cakes are usually forbidden for breakfast, but on Monday they were exceptionally allowed to guarantee a big energy in the first day; these cakes represented a good reason for kids to wake up.

And after all the preparation phases typical of a working/studying day we were ready to go.

For the first time in the Bruschis history, we got to school not by car, not by bus, not walking….but by bike!

A really nice experience! A little bit thrilling as G. just learned it…but everything in Billund seems to be designed for kids and bikes. There must be a reason why it is The Capital of Children….

In a few minutes we arrived at school, we parked our bikes (we also locked them, as everything is safe here….. but bikes could have some tendency to disappear…) and we approached the gate.

2015-10-8--09-30-53 (1)

There, the headmaster, an energetic, kind and smiling lady, was shaking the hands and welcoming each-single-person entering the school, parents and kids: we felt immediately the friendly, relaxed and professional atmosphere.

We walked E. and G. to their classrooms to leave the bags and then we went to the hall, where the headmaster held a welcome speech

WP_20150810_012 (1)

and the music teachers played the new year song of the school

WP_20150810_015 (1)

Full of energy kids started their first day

WP_20150810_020 (1) WP_20150810_006

and parents were invited to the canteen for a coffee and, of course, for socializing.

While biking back home, I felt energized and ready to use a creative approach to my working day…




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