A ringing sound from far away….

It gets closer….

It takes a while before I realize it is my phone alerting me it is time to wake up…

I touch the “shut up” button.

After ten minutes my other morning friend alerts me about the time: the watch starts ringing and now it is time to wake up.

Outside it is still dark, even if everything seems glowing: it is all white there.

Today is my wfh day: I am going to Work From Home.

I greet S. then: she is already in the brygger, ready to get out.

The weather app says it is -14: it is usually reliable, but I can’t believe it. S. starts the car to warm it up and comes back. “it’s -14!!!” She says! The app is right. Again.

As usual, waking up kids is hard: I set up the table for the breakfast and I push the 2 sleeping creatures to get  in contact with the real world. After a few attempts I succeed.

My parents in law are here: they help me preparing the kids for the school day.

When we are almost there, I get out to warm up my car: it is the small one. The remote control opens it, I get in, insert the key, turn it on, and…..a strange tired noise of a frozen engine comes from the front of the car. It is normal, I think. It is -14. But it can do it. I try again. And again. And again. Inside the car is also -14. It’s a f…freezing cold. Dressed like a skiing man, I spend 10 minutes there: I turn and turn and turn the key, but with no success.

Time is running. Kids need to go to school. I try to text to one friend asking her to pick us up: no answer.

There are only 2 options: walk or cycle.

It is too late to walk.

Let’s cycle then.

Maybe the ice outside has frozen some neurons, but I am even happy to do that. Kids too. Well…almost…

So, let’s take out the bikes. Get dressed with gloves, helmets and hat over the helmets.



Everything is white and the sky is turning blue: a dark blue as only here can be. The shortest night of the year already passed by and we are now in that time of the year when every days is getting longer.

E. is comfortable in biking in the snow, as she always is in all situation: her adaptability and flexibility are unbelievable. G. is younger and he fights a little bit to get it right, but he does it, notwithstanding 2 fallings down. I feel like a coach trying to get the best from his fellows: in the second slope I can hear him repeating what I just told him “I can do that, I can do that”. Great guy. He succeeds.

We get to school frozen: mainly our hands are like blocks of ice.

I leave them at school, a little bit late, but happy about the challenge we have been able to win.

Now I have only to come back home.

My hands are still frozen.

I spend some time in the hall of the school waiting for the blood to start flowing again in my fingers (with some pain, actually…).

A few teachers enter the school while I am here and greet me: I can read the question mark in their face “why is he not cycling back??” Bike in Denmark is a transportation mean, that is used regardless weather conditions: in other words, weather conditions don’t affect daily life, so you can experience more outdoor life here than in other places where weather is more friendly. Waiting too long to get blood flowing again probably is not a usual thing here…

The way back seems to be easier: probably it is only -12!

I get home and I am ready to start working.

Happy for the beautiful experience in the snow.

One step further into the Danish world.


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