The Magic Update

Yesterday I woke up at 6 AM as usual, I dismissed the alarm clock ringing on my phone….and then something strange happened.

I enabled Wi-Fi network and immediately the phone connected to it: no need to struggle with the on/off switch on the Wi-Fi settings…

…the email app worked smoothly…

…I could see all my pictures stored in the cloud quickly: no grey squares nor spinning wheel telling me that the app was refreshing the view….

…I could update the lineup of my fantasy football team easily from the app…

…I had my Ryan-air boarding passes on the Ryan-air app and not in a pdf inside an email inside the mail app…

…my watch synchronized with the phone to show me the sleep status of the night before….

…and it started getting notifications from the phone without my finger closing and opening and closing and opening and closing and opening Garmin app, ending up in closing it again and giving up…

…l’app facebook worked simply as it should, no less no more…

…facebook Messenger didn’t crash just after the launch…



…not exactly….


10 years

     3 months

           13 days

                  and 20 hours

I woke up in that Think Different world that I had always seen as the Dark Side!

The time had come: quite sadly indeed I said goodbye to the companion of many adventures, to that guy I went on advocating and “evangelizing” for so many years.

But that’s the way it is: the last year has been a painful (technology speaking) path towards the annihilation.

So, see you my friend and welcome to you, my new iCompanion!


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