[All in the same week]


During my commute I use to listen to the Italian radio: I have been listening to Il Volo del Mattino for many years and it is still part of my way to the office.

It is a mix of good music, unstructured structure, fun, messages from the listeners and calls to the most intriguing message writers.

Recently Fabio, the speaker, focused on dreams and announced his new mission: helping people’s dreams to come true.

Of course he received tons of messages.

The first one he selected was from a guy living in the same city as the radio station is.

The guy who sent the message had a dream: to become a radio speaker.

After the initial handshake and jokes, Fabio told the guy: “Come here and take my place for the last 5 minutes of the program today”.

This is a national radio station, one of the most famous in Italy.

What did the guy reply?

“I cannot, because I have to work”

Ok. I could agree with the guy: job is important. Not only important: it is fundamental; it is crucial.

But here on one side there is 1 hour, maybe 2 hours of a working day. Is it that much?? I don’t think the world is full of envy and bad managers who like to put tough obstacles in their reports’ life. No, I do believe the wide majority of managers is just the opposite. I think his manager would have understood it.

On the other side there is the dream of the life.

I can tell you that I hoped until the end of the program to hear the voice of the guy.

No way.

He didn’t go.



I received a message from one of my best friends.

It was a bad news regarding an old school buddy who has passed away. As often happens in this situations, you end up realising once more that life is short.

Too short.

That it must be fully lived.

No excuses.

In other words, you have to pursue your dreams. Nobody will fight for them; maybe your friends or beloved ones will support you, but only if you are the first one who believes in your dreams.

My friend ended up stating that saying something is different from doing it. So, no dreams coming true.



“Daddy, can you help me sleeping?”


In my family we are 2 “boys” and 2 “girls”: well, one of the 2 girls starts to talk as soon as I open one eye in the morning (I guess I am in a good company here 🙂 ), and the other one cannot stop talking before sleeping.

I was trying to bring into Morpheus arms the second one….

So, between one topic and another one we ended up talking about our dreams and how important it is to fight for them.

After I described one of mine to my daughter, she simply said:

“Do it”

Kids’ logic is quite often simple and right.

In that specific moment, her 2 simple words just threw me on the other side of the call at the radio.

Am I doing everything I can to pursue my dream?

I cannot answer that, probably because I would realise that I could do more….


….right now….

….I will not open Netflix and watch a new episode of


…I will work on the next step towards my dream.


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