Grand Finale

“Would you volunteer at the school dance party?”

“Sure!!!! I would be happy to!!!”

…but it didn’t go just like this…

My wife decided to volunteer: it was great, of course.

But then, she had to shift to new schedules and plans and I inherited the great opportunity.

In other words, I was the official replacement.

It is an important change, because the party could have had a different course if I had spent that evening at home with my son.

So, I volunteered to be one of the 2 DJs: in the dance party, F. and I were the most important helping-parents (maybe it is just how we felt 🙂 )

We spent some time to take 1 by 1 the titles of the songs that boys and girls wanted to add to THE playlist. Two different genres, definitely! Finally, it was in F’s spotify playlist.

Obviously, the night before the big event, at 21.30 my daughter came up with other 10 song titles that could not have missed the floor of the dance party: it took me a while to search for each of them, get a screenshot and send all the screenshots to F., so that he could include them in the playlist.

Being a ParentDJ is a tough job.

It was even clearer when I arrived at school. One of my daughter’s friend, whose name is top secret, approached me and said: “I have to dance 16 minutes with L., 15 with A., 11 with B. and…and…and…. : therefore, I need many slow songs!!!! Are you playing them, aren’t you????”

In my head the only thought was: “this 10 years old little girl, standing in front of me together with my daughter, is just kidding me”. Actually, she was too serious to be kidding me.

“Sure no problem!”

“Oh, thank you so much!!!!! By the way….don’t tell my parents about it!!!!”

I couldn’t stop a smile to show up in my face.

The sound system in the room was great: we just needed to connect the phone and music started to fill in the air. We kept the volume down as the party had not started yet. I had to post a picture of the mixer on facebook: too cool!


I’m pretty sure I never had a similar sound system in my private parties when I was a kid/teen.

We managed to get lights and a globe too….


In the meanwhile a bunch of parents were preparing tables for the dinner: the organisation of the volunteering system worked perfectly, thanks G. for that!

The party kicked off officially and volume pumped up.

The first 2-3 songs in the playlist went great: most of the kids were dancing and having fun.

Then, requests for songs started up: “Now we need this song, just this!! Please please!”

It was impossible to resist and the playlist, built with so much sacrifice, was simply abandoned. Forgot. Put in a remote corner.

And of course my young friend with a top secret name went to the DJ station and said: “I need the slow song. Now”

Yes, impossible to resist.

VVVVRRRRRR (phone vibrating). Someone commented on my Facebook post.


Really?!?!?!?!?!  A   F O G  –  M A C H I N E ?!?!?!?!

The 2 DJs decided that it was a fantastic idea; an idea that would have brought the party to the next level!

We replied that we needed it.

And he came, fast. Super-fast. “I am here”, Messenger blinked. B. was waiting at the school gate.

Outside it was snowing and many entrances and internal doors in the school were closed, for safety reasons. It took me some time to reach the right door. After a few minutes the fog machine was ready: it just needed to warm up.

B. and I started talking and suddenly, looking at the ceiling, B. stopped talking and pointed at the smoke alarm sensor. We looked each other and nodded. We agreed that most likely smoke made of palm oil and water wouldn’t have triggered the alarm.

Fog machine is a nice gadget as it has a remote control: you press a button, it sprays a little cloud of smoke.

1 pressure, 1 little cloud: test successful.

Cake break.

Dancing floor empty. DJs in a good party mood.

Cake break finished.

Kids in the dancing floor again.

More songs requests.

More fun.

Press. Smoke.


Press again. Smoke again.

Very nice.

Press press. Smoke smoke.

Really funny.

Press press press. Smoke smoke smo….

“This is a critical situation”

***weeeeee*** ***weeeeee****

“This is a critical situation, everybody….”


We did it.

Fire alarm was triggered.

Everybody knew that there was no actual fire, but only a fog machine: even though, a small level of panic started raising.

All lights were on and music was down.

Firemen truck siren broke the silence in the quiet Billund.

Headmaster arrived.

Firemen arrived.


Suddenly the school was full of people…and still some smoke…

Cleaning lady, who probably did a very good training, brought outside all the kids she found.

A big serious fireman entered the building: a selfie shot would have been probably nice right below here….but he was so serious that I couldn’t ask for it…

He said that everybody had to be in the same place.

“Sure, but the alarm was triggered just by a fog mach…”

“It’s the process. Everybody must be in the same place”

“Got it”

Someone reported that half kids were inside and half outside.

Someone else said: “Ok, then everybody outside”.

As it was heavily snowing and, most importantly, there was no fire, I suggested to do the other way around: bring inside those kids who were outside.

Proposal approved.

Finally, alarm was switched off, firemen truck left the school parking lot and kids enjoyed some last cake.

According to rumours, a few kids were disappointed about it….

…but trusted sources declared that for most of them it was really a Grand Finale!!!!


Disclaimer: Don’t Try This At Your Kids’ Party 🙂